7 Bang-For-Buck Hacks for Dads and Other Important Adults

7 Bang-For-Buck Hacks for Dads and Other Important Adults

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 "How do I get my husband / mother-in-law / partner on the same parenting page?"

We can't tell you many times we've heard this question. Sometimes in mild frustration, other times in utter despair. 

These parents are committed to parenting in ways that will grow their daughter's self-belief, confidence and resilience, but feel frustrated that their parenting partner or crew are not supporting these efforts. 

The other thing we hear all the time is: There's no way my partner would read a book!

If this is you, then we're here to help. 

7 Bang-For-Buck Hacks for Dads and Other Important Adults is a short, sharp 10 minute video that gives one evidence-based parenting technique to build each of the 7 Essential Foundation Pillars that your daughter absolutely needs to grow up liking herself. 

If your partner or parenting crew use these strategies they could profoundly change the course of your daughter's life. 

And in even better news, we've dropped the price to that of a coffee!

We've also heard from many parents that our Hacks for Dads and Other Important Adults inspired their partners to get on board with their parenting mission, convincing them to read our Raising Girls Who Like Themselves book or complete our Brave Parents Academy signature course. 


What you'll get:

  • A video of quick, easy, yet powerful and evidence-based hacks for time-poor parents and carers.
  • Align your approach with your parenting partner for maximum effectiveness.
  • A PDF download of the 7 hacks for easy access.


How this works

  • After you purchase the Hacks Short Course you'll be emailed your login and password to your member's area. This can take about 20 minutes.

  • You have lifetime access to this course so watch it and rewatch it whenever you like! Any questions? Send us an email at kasey@kaseyedwards.com