Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves
Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves

Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves

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Want your boy to grow up believing in himself?

We'll show you how!

Discover the seven pillars your boy needs to grow into a well-rounded, thriving young man who is ready for anything.

  This book is ideal for parents, teachers and carers of boys aged toddler to tween.  

Following the success of Raising Girls Who Like Themselves, Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon have written a much-requested book about raising boys.

Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves will answer boy parents' BIG WORRIES:

1. How to get your son to tell you about his day and maintain a close and loving bond as he gets older (p. 195)

2. How to give your boy the skills and confidence to resist peer pressure and unhealthy influences (p. 171)

3. How to teach him the most effective way to stand up for himself without resorting to violence (p. 176)

4. How to encourage your boy to try new and hard things (p. 137)

5. What to do about screens and porn (pp. 112, 190)

6. How to motivate and encourage achievement without the nagging (p. 93)

7. How to teach your boy to be respectful and to take responsibility for his actions without making him feel ashamed (p. 41)

8. How to give your boy the gift of rock-solid confidence and self-belief (pp. 133, 222)

9. How to give him a positive and healthy body image (p. 73).


With their trademark warmth, wit and positive outlook, Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon will help you build a strong foundation for your boy to maximise his potential and be ready for whatever life throws at him.

Practical, grounded in research and free of parental guilt, Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves is the indispensable guide to supporting boys to grow up to be emotionally intelligent, thriving young men.


7 Essential Pillars Framework

If we are to raise confident, empathetic young men who can navigate life's challenges with courage and grace, they need the right foundation.

Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves will show you how to build the 7 Essential Pillars every boy needs to grow up liking himself.

The first one is Power Perspective. This is all about helping boys have a positive and resilient mindset, so they see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and approach life with confidence and optimism.

Then there's Strength of Character. This pillar is all about helping boys develop values like integrity, responsibility, and empathy. By doing this, they can build a strong sense of self and make good choices that benefit themselves and others.

Body Confidence is the pillar that helps boys have a healthy relationship with their bodies by appreciating their physical abilities and not just focusing on how they look. This can help them feel good about themselves beyond just their appearance.

Balance is also really important. It's all about helping boys manage their time, emotions, and energy effectively, so they can thrive.

Mastery and Independence is the fifth pillar which will build real and enduring confidence and self-belief. It's about helping boys learn essential life skills, become self-reliant and self-motivated and have the confidence to navigate the world and achieve their goals.

The sixth pillar is Strong Relationships. This is all about helping boys build positive relationships with family, friends, and peers, through meaningful connections and effective communication skills.

Finally, there's Authenticity. This pillar helps boys embrace their true selves, express their feelings, and pursue their passions without fear of judgment, while also respecting and valuing the uniqueness of themselves and others.

By focusing on these seven pillars, you can raise an emotionally intelligent, self-aware boy who is ready to succeed in today's complex world. It's all grounded in research and expert advice and can be implemented in any busy, messy or complex family.


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What readers are saying about Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves...


"This book, quite simply, is brilliant."
Sophie, mother of 2 boys

"Everyone with a boy seriously needs to read this book, and then read it again. It's just so helpful, practical, and well-researched. You'll need your own copy as you will refer back to it again and again.”
Meg, boy mum
I love your book. It's EXACTLY what I needed right now and I'm reading for a second time to try to absorb it all, but it's already making me a more patient mum.

 Sarah, mum of three


This is our promise to you...

After reading Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves you will go from worrying whether your boy will grow up confident, responsible and safe in today’s society to feeling reassured about your parenting and excited about his future.

With our practical and proven approach you can raise a joyful and resilient boy who will have the courage and grace to endure life's challenges and to make the most of his opportunities.

What are "Worth Wreckers" and why should you care?

A "worth wrecker" is a damaging force that undermines young boys' sense of worth and confidence as they grow up. 

  1. Discipline that hurts rather than helps

  2. Bullying

  3. Pushing rather than motivating

  4. Peer pressure

  5. Body image issues

  6. Unhealthy competition

  7. Overemphasis on external validation

Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves will show you exactly what you need to do to arm your boy against these worth wreckers so he is free to develop a strong sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence.

Hello and welcome!

We're Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon, a wife-and-husband research and writing team who have been read by over 10 million people worldwide. 

We wrote Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves because, well, people kept asking for it. 

As soon as our book Raising Girls Who Like Themselves was published, we got the same question over and over: 

What about boys?

All these people are right to ask this question because absolutely everything that you hope and dream for your boy starts with raising him to like himself. 


Is your boy book the same as your girl book?

No, it's not the same. While many of the strategies we outline in Raising Girls Who Like Themselves work just as effectively for boys, no matter how much we may wish it were otherwise, there are significant differences in how the world treats girls and boys; differences that affect how they experience the world.

Research shows that from the moment a baby boy takes his first breath the world will treat him differently to how it treats girls. This will happen even if his parents are aware of gender stereotypes and try to parent neutrally.

Therefore, we have adapted the language and delivery of these messages and strategies for this book, and have also written brand new sections that are more relevant to boys.

Will this approach work for neurodiverse children?

Our parenting frame-work and strategies are primarily for neurotypical children, but we warmly welcome parents and carers of neurodiverse children to read our book – though we encourage you to seek out resources that are more specific to your child’s needs.

I don't have a traditional nuclear family. Will this book work for me and my family?

Families come in all different forms: single parents, heterosexual parents, same-sex parents, separated and blended families, legal guardians and multi-generational families, all of which can be springs of love.

For simplicity we have referred to the carers of children as ‘parents’, ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’.

We consider these to be roles that can be fulfilled by any number of people in a child’s life, not limited by biology, gender or family structures.

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