5 Secrets to TEACH YOUR BOY TO STAND UP FOR HIMSELF — without using violence or losing his sweet nature

5 Secrets to TEACH YOUR BOY TO STAND UP FOR HIMSELF — without using violence or losing his sweet nature

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Does your boy know how to stand up for himself?

We asked 15 thousand parents regarding their concerns about bringing up boys and their number one worry was about their boy standing up for himself.

They didn't want to raise a bully, and they didn't want to condone violence but they were terrified that if their boy wasn't tough and aggressive he would be seen as weak and he'd be an easy target.

No one wants their boy to be the kid who gets pushed around and teased.

The good news is that your boy does not need to use violence to resolve conflict or to stand up for himself. In fact, he'll be far more effective if he doesn't. 

With these 5 secrets, your boy will be able to stand up for himself and command respect, without having to change his nature or use his fists.

Developed by the international bestselling authors of Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • you don't want your boy to be an easy target but you also don't want him to lose his sweet nature
  • you want your boy to command respect
  • your boy is being bullied and you don't know how to help him
  • you have told your boy to use his fists to stand up for himself but suspect it's the wrong advice
  • you're worried about the influence of peer pressure
  • you're looking for evidence-based strategies that work

"Really great course, as a child I struggled with all of these aspects, it is wonderful to have some answers for my son as he grows."

Course Modules:

  • A fist full of trouble. In this lesson you'll see why encouraging your boy to use violence to stand up for himself will make him more of a target, not less. 
  • Right words, right time. Knowing what to say and when to say it has proven to be the most effective way for boys to stand up for themselves. In this lesson you'll find out exactly what your boy needs to do.
  • Finding your tribe. One or two good mates has been shown to be a buffer against bullying. After this lesson you'll be able to help your boy make and keep good friends.
  • "Don't mess with me" vibes. One of the best ways for your boy to stand up for himself is to be confident and assertive. This lesson will guide you to help your boy conduct himself in such a way that other kids will respect him.
  • Strong not tough. This lesson will show you how to cultivate your boy's inner strength and power so he can withstand the pressures of the school yard and thrive.

You'll also receive a digital workbook packed with key information and activities. 

"Love the concise format of this class.  Appreciated!"

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