The Secret to REAL Body Confidence

The Secret to REAL Body Confidence

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Girls are not born hating their bodies. They learn it. Unless we intervene!

Give your daughter the gift of real and enduring body confidence.



The Secret to REAL Body Confidence


A short course that is easy to implement and based on the latest research and advice from some of the world's leading experts in child wellbeing, psychology, body image, weight management, food and eating behaviours and exercise. 

Social media is not the only cause of girls’ body hatred.

Many people like to blame social media and Photoshop for girls’ terrible body images. And when you look at pictures like this, it’s easy to see why.

But let me show you what I was looking at when I was a girl...

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t look like that. And didn’t I know it!

I looked like this….

And I hated myself because I did not look how society said I should look.

There is no doubt that social media has made it much harder for our girls to grow up liking themselves. The fake filters and constant "likes" and judgements can be crushing. 

But the reality is that girls and women have not felt good about their bodies for a really long time.

If we want to solve the problem for our girls, so they won't suffer the way we have, we have to stop blaming the wrong thing.

Social media does not create body hatred, it simply amplifies a problem that already exists.

We need to raise our girls with a strong enough foundation so that they can withstand the negative influence of social media, mainstream media, the advertising industry, friends, frenemies and society in general.

It is possible to raise your girl to like her body. And we can show you how.

By the end of this course you will...

  • Understand what is REAL body confidence and how to build it within your daughter.
  • Understand why much of the advice parents are given to build their daughter's body image actually makes the problem WORSE!
  • Know how to prevent your daughter from being obsessed with weight and what to do if you think your daughter is above her natural weight. (Hint: Never put her on a weight loss diet. It will backfire.)
  • Get clarity on how to talk about food and exercise to empower your daughter to make healthy choices and avoid life-long hang-ups and anxiety. 
  • What to do if your daughter is being teased about her weight or looks.

What's inside The Secret to REAL Body Confidence

Lesson 1: Straight talk

  • Why body confidence is so important to every aspect of your daughter’s wellbeing.
  • What to do if you don’t like your own body, and how to protect your daughter from your own bad body thoughts.

Lesson 2: What is REAL body confidence

  • Why a lot of the advice parents are given to build their daughter’s body image actually makes it worse.

  • What girls need from their parents and carers instead.

Lesson 3: How to build REAL body confidence

  • The one thing that every woman we interviewed with REAL body confidence has in common. And how you can give that to your daughter.

  • Easy steps you can take immediately to build your daughter’s body confidence.

  • How to engage with girls without talking about their beauty or appearance.

  • What to say when family and friends obsess about your daughter’s appearance — without being rude.

Lesson 4: Rethinking weight

  • Over 60 years of research shows that weight loss diets do not work long-term. In most cases they make people fatter — and miserable. If adults can’t stick to diets how on earth can we expect children to?
  • How to get weight right so your daughter has a healthy body and a positive body image.

Lesson 5: If you’re worried your daughter is too fat

  • Exactly what to do if you think your daugher is above her natural weight — according to leading weight management experts.
  • Why putting your child on a weight-loss diet will do more harm than good, and what to do instead.
  • What to do — and not do — if your daughter is being teased for being fat.

Lesson 6: How to handle food

  • How to deal with food to promote healthy eating and a positive body image.

  • What to do if you think your child eats too much / too little / the wrong foods.

  • How to never have a fight or power struggle over food ever again.

Lesson 7: How to handle exercise

  • How to encourage your daughter to move her body now and develop life-long exercise habits.

Developed by the international bestselling authors of Raising Girls Who Like Themselves Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon.

    What other parents are saying

    "I have been searching for these answers for years! I finally know what to say to my daughter about weight, food and exercise."

    "It's having a big impact on me too. The shift from weight to wellness has clicked and for the last two days I have been happily walking after I drop the kids off to school and I even took myself swimming today for the first time in years."

    "I had so many ah-ha moments. I am determined to break the cycle of girls hating their bodies, not be another person contributing to the problem."

    How this works

    • The Body Confidence Short Course is one module in our complete Brave Parents Academy which is a comprehensive step-by-step online course to build the 7 pillars that every girl needs to like themselves. 

    • After you purchase The Secret to REAL Body Confidence you'll be emailed your login and password to your member's area. This can take about 20 minutes.

    • You have lifetime access to this course so watch it and rewatch it whenever you like! Any questions? Send us an email at