Win at Friendship! No More Friendship Dramas Short Course
Win at Friendship! No More Friendship Dramas Short Course

Win at Friendship! No More Friendship Dramas Short Course

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A girl who likes herself has STRONG RELATIONSHIPS.

Some people think friendship is a mix of magic and serendipity. It's not. Friendship is a skill that can be taught and learned. The kids who have the best friends are very often the kids with the best friendship skills.

Friendship problems are a major factor in many girls' lives, affecting not only their mental health and wellbeing but also their learning. Your daughter will not be concentrating on division and multiplication if she had a fight with a friend at lunchtime that she doesn't have the skills to handle. This short course is about getting ahead of the problems, helping you support your daughter in learning how to choose friends who are good for her, how to resolve conflict in productive ways and how to reduce the severity and likelihood of bullying.

Developed by the international bestselling authors of Raising Girls Who Like Themselves Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • your daughter comes home in tears because of friendship problems, or doesn't want to go to school
  • is getting bullied and doesn't know how to stop it
  • has chosen friends who are not good for her
  • says she has no friends
  • isn't getting invited to birthday parties
  • your heart is breaking for your daughter and you don't know how to help her

Course Highlights:

  • Discover how to teach your daughter essential social skills and friendship skills so she can attract and keep great friends and  thrive in any situation.
  • A step-by-step guide for resolving conflict and standing up to bullies.
  • Find out a quick and easy hack to deepen your daughter's connection with you.

Bonus: This is what Brave Looks Like activity ebook (A $ 29 Value)

A fun and educational activity ebook to build and reinforce your daughter's friendship skills and self-belief.

  • Kid-friendly activities to spark curiosity, understanding and conversations.
  • ebook, print from home.

What other parents are saying:

"Thank you so much!!! My daughter used to come home in tears almost every day because she was being bullied at school. I taught her your techniques and the bullying stopped in just two days!!! I can barely believe it. I feel like I've got my happy little girl back!" Angela, mother of 8 year old girl.

"I wish my mother had taught me how to stand up for myself when I was at school." Mary, mother of 10 year old girl.

"Now I know what to say when I see my daughter struggle with friendship. I used to worry I'd say the wrong thing. You've given me so much confidence." Louise, mother of 4 year old girl.

How this works

  • The No More Friendship Dramas Short Course is one module in our complete Brave Parents Academy which is a comprehensive step-by-step online course to build the 7 pillars that every girl needs to like themselves. 

  • After you purchase the No More Friendship Dramas Short Course you'll be emailed your login and password to your member's area. This can take about 20 minutes.

  • You have lifetime access to this course so watch it and rewatch it whenever you like! Any questions? Send us an email at