Want to raise your child to like themself?

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Build the right foundation to solve or minimise ANY problem your child is ever going to face.

Raising Girls Who Like Themselves

A practical approach to parenting, based on proven principles to give your girl the strength, skills and tools to thrive in a world that is crushing so many of her peers.

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Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves

Want your boy to grow up believing in himself?
It's easier than you might think.

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Grab that GIRL & BOY bundle and SAVE

Find out how to raise both your boy and your girl to have rock-solid self-belief.

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The Secret to REAL Body Confidence

Find out exactly what you need to do to build real and lasting body confidence in your daughter (and yourself!)


Friendship is a skill, it's not magic.

Friendships are a really big deal to girls. Teach your daughter the skills of friendship and absolutely EVERYTHING becomes easier.

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5 Secrets for Standing Up for Himself: without using his fists or losing his sweet nature.

This online course will show you the most effective way to teach your boy to command respect, minimise bullying and make and keep good friends.

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7 Bang-For-Buck Hacks for Dads and Other Important Adults

"How do I get my husband / mother-in-law / partner on the same parenting page?"

This short, sharp video will help!

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Brave Parents Academy Digital Course with Q&A sessions

We'll walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to raise your girl to believe in herself and be ready for anything.

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